Here’s my Tiny TV Boss clip which I have also put on You Tube to try and increase the efficiency of my dissemination programme! I’m up to almost 250 views on my Randy Tartt clip, so as you can tell, I’m really causing a stir out there. I tried to put my CADS clip up there too but for some reason when it’s uploaded the sound seems to fall out of synch which ruins the effect on that one particularly. The other clips I’ve put up there suffer from the same problem but it doesn’t matter so much. I’m going to have to consult my brother about that before I put any more up.

Tiny TV Boss was something I made last year after buying a video baby monitor to keep an eye on our son Frank. Like the Pope’s funeral bit, it ended up being used as part of my Edinburgh show and I thought I might use it somewhere else but the moment seems to have passed so I decided to release it into the netsphere. Several people who’ve seen it have assumed that it’s me doing a baby impression but I assure you my vocal skills don’t stretch quite that far and the voice you hear is genuinely that of Frank who was about 2 and a half at the time. He was genuinely talking into a phone and it’s me on the other end so it’s more or less as real as you can get. I did a few more bits with Frank along the same lines, which I may try to post in due course. I also gave Armando a thing I shot with him for possible Time Trumpet use so we’ll see if Frank makes it to the small screen when the show comes out. Incidentally I negotiated a very generous buy out with Frank for the use of this stuff, so there’s no need to worry about him being exploited. Let’s just say he’s now got more Bionicles than any tiny human could possibly need, want or destroy.

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