My friend Garth Jennings’s film Son Of Rambow is due for release in the UK sometime in the next few months. It’s about a couple of schoolboys who become friends while making a Rambo inspired action film in the early 80’s. As far as I can tell it’s got almost nothing in common with Michel Gondry’s forthcoming Be Kind Rewind, except that it features people using video cameras to ape Hollywood movies (which is what everyone does with a video camera at some stage, let’s face it). Anyway that link is enough for a trend to be spotted, hence this nice article in The Guardian today which gratifyingly namechecks me and Joe along the way and even quotes a couple of Joe’s toy movie lines! It makes me wish someone would pay us to make more of these. Of course, we could make them for free and put them on You Tube, but they take a while and we’ve got complicated grown up lives to maintain! If any eccentric millionaires with a penchant for 3 minute toy based remakes of popular films are reading, get in touch.

Here’s one of the toymovies I had more of a hand in, our version of Shine. Joe’s approach to the toymovies he took charge of like Toytanic and Saving Private Lion tended to be more deconstructive and straightforwardly, well, funny. I tended to go for more obscure choices and then just do a kind of weird infantile re-make which, looking back on it was sometimes missing the point. I think maybe Joe tried to tell me as much once or twice but I probably got defensive about it. I’m so much more mature now, as anyone who has heard my Song Wars sulks on our 6 Music show can attest! I still have a soft spot for this one though, despite the miss-spelling of ‘Shiny’ and the fact that the lovely all inclusive You Tube frame (which shows much more than a regular TV would) means that my hands are clearly visible in a lot of the shots.

FUN FACT: When we did Vinyl Justice with Gary Numan for The Adam & Joe Show we handed him a toy keyboard and he picked out the tune for ‘Cars’ on it while we were filming. We never used it in the piece but the audio turns up in this toymovie, so when you hear ‘Cars’ that’s genuine Numanoid fingerwork you’re hearing!!!

Posted by: Adam on @ 3:20 pm

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