Hey ho hoo ha! It’s been ages! How are you? I haven’t posted for a while because I’ve been distracted by an increasingly steady trickle of bits and pieces that may or may not ever see the light of day (that’s life on the exciting margins!) Earlier this month I wrote and recorded a half hour pilot for BBC Radio 4. It has the provisional title ‘A Week With Adam Buxton’ and it’s a mix of sketches and character bits (there’s some Famous Guy in there) as well as interjections from my Dad, Nigel Buxton (a.k.a. BaaadDad). Helping me perform the sketches were Amelia Bullmore (Jam, Brass Eye and Big Train) and Matt Berry (Snuff Box, Mighty Boosh, Darkplace and IT Crowd) who were both as good as you’d expect (ie. very).

We recorded the show in front of an audience at the Radio Theatre in Broadcasting House. I would have posted details for getting tickets here but they all went very quickly so I wasn’t able to. If you were one of the people who came along, thanks, you were a very good crowd. It was really fun to do and it would be a hoot if the BBC saw fit to commission a series but I won’t hold my breath. As I’ve discovered with MeeBOX (my TV pilot for BBC3 which is still awaiting a transmission date) things like this can take a very long time in the Big British Castle. I’ve heard the radio pilot is likely to go out some time in the autumn, so I’ll let you know when I hear a definite date.

With all these pilots I should be given a fricken pilot’s license! Ha ha ha. I made that joke at the recording but I thought I’d repeat it for those who weren’t there. I went on to say that I’m now able to fly commercial airliners but they won’t let me have my own series! Obviously I sincerely hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case, even though there’s a fuck sight more money in flying planes than making culty comedy shows.

Here’s the Radio 4 pilot team in the green room before the recording. From left to right: producer Ed Morrish (who got the thing off the ground, thanks Ed!), me, my Dad, Amelia and Matt.


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