I’ve been working on a song for 6 Music in the style of The Goblin King, who proved once again why he rules not only the Goblins but also the school when he was one of the first big names to come out in support of 6. I’m so sad about the notion that 6 may close. They’ve got a really good thing going there and they’ll really regret it if they break it up. Or perhaps they won’t give a dogshit, but I will.

From a purely personal point of view, the reaction we’ve had from listeners to the Adam & Joe radio show and podcast over the last couple of years has been humbling and wonderful. Best of all, those listeners improved the show itself which transformed when we started basing more of our stupid bollocks on the funny and inspiring texts and emails we get, something we’d never really done before because the contributions you’d get at most radio stations wouldn’t really be good for much more than the occasional dedication most of the time. Last week at BUG a small group of friends who Tweet about the show (twitsquadron) presented me with a hand made album of printed tweets, drawings and photos inside a beautifully made sort of A&J pillow case! Chaps, if you’re reading this, thankyou. I don’t want to get too sentimentile, but it was an amazing thing to receive and I’ll always treasure it.

Adam Buxton, happy in kitchen with gift

I wonder if Thomo and the nabobs at the castle have ever bought something they love from a small outlet because they know that it’s likely to be more special than it would be from a department store? They Mastodon! I mean, I’m not much of a discerning shopper but at Christmas I go into Soho and buy my dad (who is a booze snob) a bottle of Cognac from Gerry’s because I know they will recommend me some phenomenal item that will keep my Pa delighted for a good few months. They’ve never failed me once. Sure, I could get a bottle of Courvoisier from Sainsburys or Oddbins and my dad would be very grateful but he wouldn’t roll his eyes and eulogise about it the way he does with the more offbeat stuff from Gerry’s because the supermarket bottle is always the same.

I don’t know how good an analogy that is for 6 Music (which is more like a special deli counter in a big supermarket), but I think you get what I mean. Breaking it up and farming off the popular bits is missing the point completely. It’s a little corner of the BBC that is prepared to take all kinds of chances because they know their listeners won’t immediately get frightened and confused they way they might if it was a more mainstream channel. Certainly, Joe and I wouldn’t have been hired let alone afforded the latitude we have been anywhere else in the Castle.

It seems that campaigning and complaining about these kinds of decisions seldom gets results but wouldn’t it be amazing if they did reconsider? A truly modern corporation! The BBC Trust are reviewing the situation til May 25th and one would hope they will read every message they receive, either pro or anti the proposed closures so do get in touch.


So anyway, this song! It’s a version of Bowie’s Changes that features my impression of David and some painful singing (with the help of 6 Music’s Tom Robinson on the choruses! Thanks Tom!) I did a full length version but it was a little too gruelling so here’s a slightly shorter one for you to listen to, ignore, use to torture terror suspects, whatever you fancy. However, if you did like it and felt sufficiently moved, you might like to make a video for it! Then in May I’ll pick my favourite and award some kind of prize, say Adam Buxton/Adam & Joe odds and sods and tickets to BUG! Wow! Imagine all the Adam Buxton/Adam & Joe odds and sods and tickets to BUG! What could the Adam Buxton odds and sods be?! My socks! Bits of my hair!! Or my book!!! Not a book I’ve written, just a book I own. I don’t know, I’ll work something out, but anyway, here’s the song with lyrics beneath in case you want to study them for your English degree. And if you do make a video post a link on my You Tube channel comments section.

LISTEN TO THE SONG! (right click to download)



Incidentally I bought the backing track from a great karaoke versions site here

Finally, here’s my appearance on Channel 4 news a couple of weeks back where I managed to say almost nothing of any value except for inviting the DG out for some pushing and shoving. I haven’t actually watched this vid myself cos it’s too cringey but I hear Thomo’s expression upon hearing my obviously jokey challenge is entertaining.

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