Dear David,

I’m posting this as an open letter on my blog rather than once again going through the proper channels because you seem more approachable on-line than off for some reason and I’m hoping that there’s a chance you might somehow be directed to read this! It’s worth a try.

I wonder if you’d consider being a guest on my radio show on BBC 6 Music: Adam Buxton’s Big Mix Tape (Sunday, 12-2pm)?

The format is straightforward: I make a themed compilation tape each week, the way people did in analogue times, and I’m joined by a guest for the central section. For example, this week’s show features music for a tape you’d make for a new boyfriend/girlfriend. The title of the tape is Wave Of New Relations (after a misheard Pixies lyric) and my guest is Jon Ronson, a journalist and documentarian whose work I’ve always admired and enjoyed (check out his brilliant radio show Jon Ronson On or his superb documentary about Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes). Jon contributed a few tracks for the mix tape and talked to me about his books, TV and radio shows and whatever else happened to come up. As usual my interview style was far from slick but I hope that my encounters are entertainingly conversational at least.

I was told via a series of Chinese whispers that you’d heard a version of Changes that I recorded in support of 6 Music, which you apparently liked! Perhaps you were being polite and supportive or perhaps you never heard it and the Chinese was mistranslated, but I was pleased nonetheless. One of our listeners (Chris Salt, the Saltman) made a fantastic Lego video to go with it look!

At this point I’m going to put myself in your boots and consider how unappealing my request seems. I have after all spent a large part of my life doing bad impressions of you, often with my sometime comedy partner Joe, mainly based on saying ‘wuzza wuzza wuzza’ which, if I were you, I would find perplexing. Joe and I also spend in inordinate amount of time considering your role and your magnificent packet in Labyrinth when there is a good case to be made for some of your other film roles being more significant. Also I might appear to be a silly man on a number of levels but you’re someone whose work I’ve loved in all it’s forms since I was very young and I’ll never give up the meagre hope that our paths might one day cross.

I’m not a physical or mental threat and the show would be recorded at the BBC with responsible humans around and would take only an hour of your time so what’s the worst that could happen?! Best case scenario: we make a memorable radio show that thousands of highly intelligent 6 Music listeners will cherish! Worst case scenario, you find me an unctuous prat and make a mental note never to respond to online petitions for your guest services again (though you may have already made that mental note). If you don’t want to be alone in a studio with me, we could ask Joe to come too!

Give our producer James Stirling a call at 6 Music. I could do any time next week. Or any time after next week. Hoping this finds you well and eating a Bowiesnack.

Love Adam

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