First of all, happy new year, although if you’re anything like me you’re struggling through the bleak wasteland of post excessive guilt, income tax payments and anxiety about the future that is the miserable month of January and willing the rest of the year to start properly thereafter. In the meantime, here’s some Dr Buckles flavoured wiffle to stick in your pipe and smoke if you haven’t given up.

If you want to read about a week of ludicrous luxury I was lucky enough to spend with my wife in the Maldives last November thanks to the Guardian Weekend travel section, you will be able to do so this coming weekend (29th January) when I believe the piece is due to appear. My Dad, Nigel Buxton (a.k.a. BaadDad) made his living as a travel writer and still writes about his twin passions of walking and wine. He encouraged me to write about holidays I took as a teenager but this will be my first published travel piece as a (sort of) grown up man. I think Paul Theroux will almost certainly be quaking in his boots.


Towards the end of 2010 we held a special mini BUG in the Paradise pub in Kensal Green. We showed a few of our favourite videos from previous BUG shows as well as some newer ones and filmed the whole thing in order to share it with you on a You Tube playlist.

In theory the link below should take you to a page that plays my intro with the music videos and the rest of the links laid out in a row beneath, all ready to start playing automatically when each clip ends. The great thing about this format is that you can skip whichever bits you get tired of and move on to what looks interesting at any point. It’s the future of TV I tell you! Except, so far there’s no money in it whatsoever so it’s hard to say why we’re doing it, other than for love, which isn’t such a bad reason. Anyway, it’s only our first attempt so there’s vast amounts of room for improvement but see what you think and please do pass on the link to your pals.


In other BUG news, I’ve been increasingly aware of people getting peeved that they’re unable to buy tickets for shows because the BFI members get first dibs and the remaining seats tend to get snaffled in block bookings from our sponsors and other eager beavers. My advice is to sign up to the mailing list because tickets always materialise on the day of a show and notification to that effect is sent without fail to those on the BUG list so you should always be able to get a ticket if you really want to come along (though of course if it’s last minute we can’t 100% guarantee). Just send your e-mail details to info@bugvideos.co.uk and you’ll be among the first to know about new shows, tickets etc. We are also thinking of doing one extra show every couple of months which should make it a lot easier to get tickets but that deal isn’t completely done just yet.

TABERNACLE HEADLINE SLOT, Thursday10th February, 2011

Yes, I’m back at this charming and comfortable Notting Hill venue, that boasts tables, chairs, toilets, drinks, food (I think) and a giant video screen for around 45-60 minutes of laptop based jinx that should be mid to high. If you’ve seen me doing live stuff within the last year or so there may be a few bits you’re familiar with but there should be some fresher morsels too. It would be a terrific treat to see you!


Cheery ho bye!

Love Adam

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