Since I’ve been doing more live shows, I tend to upload less regularly onto my YouTube channel as I want the audiences to feel they’re getting something unique to that live show as far as possible. Now and then however I will show something from my YouTube channel at a live show because someone might ask for it and I’m reminded that the majority of any audience is unlikely to have seen everything I’ve posted on line. Wow, this is pretty dry isn’t it? Imagine if I wrote a book! Jesus.

YouTube is still a great place for me to post things that I made ages ago that never really got seen or more recent video bits that perhaps feature unclearable source material and are unlilely to make it on TV. Check out the stuff in my Favourites box as well, it’s a mixed bag but there’s a good number of golden nuggets in it.

Oh and please subscribe! I seldom ask people to do so but in a world where people in power seem obsessed with stats, I guess I should be more proactive. I would imagine this little plea will earn me about 4 new subscribers in total. Over a 10 year period. So thanks to you 4.


And for music related stuff I’ve shot visit Jimmy Bignutz!