Here's the full pilot of a kind of sketch show I made for BBC3 in 2007. I had a great time making it and was grateful for all the help I got from a variety of kind and talented individuals. The show aired in 2008 but The Castle did not commission a full series.

Title animation: David O'Reilly
Title theme: Jonny Greenwood

'Famous Guy'
Interviewer: Leah Charles

'They Crashed From Space There' film clips
Starring Emma Pierson
Directed by Dougal Wilson

Directed by Garth Jennings & Adam Buxton

'Software Tutorial'
Software animation: David O'Reilly

'10,000 Things That Are Sooo Crap'
Titles: David O'Reilly
Music: Jean-Jaques Perrey
Pundits: Jo Neary, Jo Bobin, Tony Law, Matt Berry, Gareth Tunley, Donny Chorlton, Nigel Buxton

'BaaadDad's Clichéd Memories Of Punk'
Starring Nigel 'BaaadDad' Buxton

End credits music is by The New Pornographers

Programme edited by Robin Hill, Garry Crystal and Adam Buxton

Produced by John Pocock

Assistant Producer: Jonathan Harvey

Production Manager: Catherine Gosling

Executive Producer: Jack Cheshire

Written & Directed by Adam Buxton


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