Posted: 12th April 2018

When I first started making the podcast in 2015 I considered crowd funding through sites like Patreon ( which help many podcasters keep their work economically viable, but instead I ended up working with Acast ( to bring in selected sponsors. With money coming in from sponsors I don’t have to ask listeners for contributions and I can have fun making ads.

Instead of doing sponsor ‘reads’ that live forever in a podcast episode, Acast uses a system that enables me to tag the ads I make onto all my episodes for a certain period of time. That way once the episode starts it can remain ad-free (though once in a while there will be an ad that runs just before my outro ramble or at the very end).

Here’s a few of the ads I’ve made for some of my podcast sponsors in the last few years. I’m grateful to Acast for their work bringing in these and other sponsors, all of whom help to pay for the ongoing production of new episodes and enable Rosie and myself to munch on the highest quality biscuits as a reward for our hard Ramble-work.

Adam (April 2018)

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Harry's Razors

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