Posted: 16th September 2015

I finally got it together to edit some of the conversations I taped with a handful of people last year and my plan is to put them out as podcasts over the next few weeks. This first one is a short chat with Louis Theroux about what constitutes taking the piss at a hotel buffet. For the time being at least, the podcast is free and you can download it by clicking on the appropriate button below.

My plan for these podcasts is to find my feet, build up some momentum, record some more conversations and turn this into a long term thing, but the older I get, the more I realise that long term anythings are hard to do. Except addictions to puddings and back problems. Let's see how I get on.

Oh, and I know some of you will be shouting at your screens "yeah, yeah, but when are you doing more stuff with Joe?!" The answer is still, I don't know but one day I hope! We talk about it every time we meet but it's never the right time to commit! Next year is the 20th anniversary of our professional relationship, so I hope we'll find some way to mark that, though not sure in what medium. Perhaps he'll come on the podcast and we can discuss it.

On the subject of the podcast: comments, suggestions, anecdotes etc. all welcome. I think the Soundcloud page seems a good place to leave them. I'm new to running my own podcast, so if there's anything you think I should be doing to make it easier for people to get hold of or whatever, please let me know. 

Cheery cheers to you. Dr B