Posted: 27th September 2015

Hello. Episode 2 of my podcast is more of a straightforward interview kind of situation and once again, it's something I recorded last year, when I was first thinking about getting a new podcast together. As I said last week, it's taken me this long to actually get round to editing a few of those recordings and making them podcast shaped.

I must say, I miss having a producer! Our various producers at 6 Music (Jude Rogers, Claire Slevin and James Stirling to name 3 of the longest serving) did most of the hard work of editing down the Saturday morning shows and preparing them to be uploaded etc. It all takes longer than I expected, and that's without even thinking about new jingles!!! "So get a producer Buckles!" you may think. Well, maybe further down the line I'll take on a sponsor and then I can hire a producer. For the time being though, it's quite nice being sponsor free. Got nothing against sponsorship in other podcasts but I think I prefer it when they're separated from the actual talking - a short ad at the top of the show. Or at the end. Not keen on the middle.

Anyway, Episode 2 of the podcast features Lianne La Havas. We talked about her friendship with Prince and Stevie Wonder and she performed a version of her song 'Grow' which at that point, she had only just written. Have a look, and watch out for Mystery Geez halfway through!

I've had a few comments from people who seem a little surprised by the swearing in this episode. Sorry about that. Sometimes there's swearing. There's usually a little 'E' for 'Explicit' on the peisode if it contains bad language.

There should be another podcast up next Wednesday, and it'll be something different again. Possibly just me bollocking on. For the moment I'm just trying out a few approaches and seeing how it goes. Thanks very much for listening and for all your extremely constructive comments and criticism. love Dr B.