Posted: 2nd July 2016

Episode 23 of the podcast features a conversation between myself and comedian/radio host John Robins recorded on March 10th 2016 in a hotel room in London's West End. We talked about how to handle celebrity encounters, Nectar Points, the delicate balance of power within double acts and things you do that grate for your house or flat mate. It was fun. John can currently be heard, along with his friend and fellow comedian Ellis James on London’s Radio X, formerly XFm where the pair present a show on Saturdays between 1-4 in the afternoon.

Listen to old episodes of John and Elis' radio show HERE

Podcast music and jingles by Adam Buxton (hello).

Best wishes. Adam

Re. DOUBLE ACT DYNAMICS: - Here's a thing about Peter Cook and Dudley Moore that has some interesting moments. Presumably whoever decided it was a good idea to film comedians reacting to Derek & Clive sketches as they listened back to them is now running a channel and being paid millions of pounds because it's such a stroke of genius (that's the opposite of what I actually think). If you're a Peter Cook fan and haven't seen Peter Cook: At A Slight Angle To The Universe, it's altogether more palatable. OTHER WAYS TO GET THE PODCAST = ACAST APP ON ANDROID ACAST APP ON ITUNES DOWNLOAD MP3 FROM SOUNDCLOUD