CONTAINS BAD AND STRONG LANGUAGE (whatever the intro says...)!!! Adam enjoys another ramble chat with film-maker/journalist and long time friend Louis Theroux about putting on make up in public, cinema etiquette, heckling and the fun/annoying things that kids say.


Submitted by: Graham thomson   1 year 5 months ago

Why have I just found these podcasts. Found it from a bbc podcast recommend page. Really great was in stitches with the school jokes section. Just found my new listening material for the next year. Great stuff please please please keep them podcasts coming.

Submitted by: Lizzy   2 years 6 months ago

Listening to this at work when I shouldn’t be and doing my best not to laugh - I keep doing a messed up cough to hide my giggles… Pretty sure my colleagues think I’ve gone looney! xx

Submitted by: Angela McCourt   2 years 7 months ago

Just listened to ep10 this week and I love the relationship you have with LT. Please remind me of the books you mentioned. One was Delusions of Gender but can't recall the other. Thanks for the giggles

Submitted by: Liam H Dempsey   3 years 6 days ago

The episodes with Louis are my favourites of the series. You seem so at ease with eachother and it never once feels like an interview, simply a discussion between two good mates that we're listening Into that happens to be hilarious. More soon please Buckles.

Submitted by: Ashleigh   3 years 6 days ago

Hi Dr Buckles,

i've been listening to the show in its various forms for almost 5 years now and on the last podcast with Louis Theroux you said you had no listeners in Botswana. Well, I'm not from Botswana; I live in South Africa but I have family in Gaborone and have been many times!

Thanks for your shows, they have got me through some rough times and (as I am a fashion designer) many long and tedious hours spent sewing have been made much more enjoyable by your waffles.

Keep it up


Ashleigh x

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