Adam Buxton considers how he and others responded to the death of David Bowie in early 2016. Featuring contributions from BaaadDad (from 1997), Dara O'Kearney, who talks about how the internet brought him closer to Bowie, Kathy Burke who talks about how TV reality show Celebrity Big Brother dealt with Bowie's death and Adam's old friend Dan Richards makes a lo-fi debut on the podcast.


Submitted by: Nige   1 year 6 months ago

Great podcast. Not an emotional outpouring from a mega fan, that would be too predictable. This was thoughtful and pre considered. Very well done.
I just have to comment on something Johnanthan Ross said, - that Bowie's worst ever haircut was when he performed heroes on the Marc Bolan show. Bowie was all about the haircuts, ( his worst was during the serious moonlight tour, a permed wave, peroxide yellow quiffed bouffant, and not in any way good),
I think Bowie on that Marc TV show, Heroes performance, personifies the coolest a human being has ever looked in the history of mankind. Understated compared with many of his other personas. A new wave micro mullet, aviator shades, simple grey dagger collar dress shirt, sleeves unbuttoned and flapping, slim jeans. I currently model myself on this look and as a result am 'definately' the coolest man at the train station every morning.
Some may call it the creepy look, but hey, women and children have considered me creepy my whole life, so why change that now?
I achieve the Heroes haircut by doing it myself with some dog clippers, so it's a good money saving barnet as well as being by a country mile, the coolest mop in town.

Submitted by: King Harold   1 year 6 months ago

Jonathan Ross really is an articulate interesting person, very insightful and funny, his bits were great. Oh that doesn't sound right never mind.

Submitted by: OTW   1 year 9 months ago

Count Buckules, thank you so much for all the ramble chats. I've just listened to your 2013 Bowie show again and it's a revelation each time. You should try to get Enda Walsh (playwright and cowriter of the Lazarus musical) on your podcast. Love you, byeeeeeeeee from Canada!

Submitted by: Lorna   1 year 11 months ago

Lived these Bowie podcasts. Thank you so much.

Submitted by: D L   2 years 3 months ago

AMAGAD special thanks for recommending the Pixies. Just had to pause in my sliding around across the tiled hallways in my socks to say – you just defined a moment in my musical education. It’s SO good. My dad is massive Eno / Byrne / Talking Heads fan, but he never played any Bowie and never even mentioned the Pixies. Why am I blaming my dad? I am, as you might say, a fully grown human female person! Man this is really great.

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