Adam Buxton talks to pop musician Lianne La Havas about hanging out with Prince & Stevie Wonder and she plays a version of her song 'Grow'.

Watch the video of that performance here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSTe_lYBd9s

There's also a rare clip of legendary American standup Guy Manguyman talking about doing a spot where he was worried about killing but ended up crushing.



Submitted by: Grindle   2 years 11 months ago

Would help if I attached the animation link to the message!


Submitted by: Grindle   2 years 11 months ago

Hi Adam, love your podcast, especially this one - so much so that I've animated still-living stand-up comedian Guy Manguyman. Hope I've done him justice, check him out. Bye!
PS Also check your youtube inbox

Submitted by: Noel   3 years 1 week ago

Adam, as an Android user, I'm always at something of a loss when my fave 'casters ask me to review and comment on iTunes. If there was a similar mechanism for Android subscribers, I'd be very happy to use it.

I noticed recently that Google are planning to add podcasts to their Google Play subscription service, and they are calling on podcasters to sign up with them.


Perhaps at some point in the future I will be able to do the review and comment doodad for your superior aural offerings.

Best of luck.

Submitted by: @mrchris1980   3 years 3 weeks ago

Another approach is the Herring formula involving Kickstarter or similar. She there's a few of us who'd be willing to co in to get Bonus-Buckles. Liking all the new casts. Nice mix. Please remember some of us came for the contrived comedy segments and stayed for the chat! Hope there are many more of these. Don't be afraid to sell your own stuff through it too, be your own sponsor!

Submitted by: Simon Goretzki   3 years 1 month ago

Ads? Sure why not? Sometimes they're the best bit. Like the Phil Collins gorilla (apparently) and Flyfishing With JR Hartley. Or Vimto with Derek Griffiths.

I enjoyed Lianne La Havas far more than expected, and Louis Theroux as much as I expected, so very nice and keep up the good work.

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