Adam talks with 'edgy' (crap word, sorry) radio host Iain Lee about getting in trouble on air, our embarrassing behaviour on TV in the 90s, Twitter & depression (of course), the classic sitcom we starred in together, Monkees, Beach Boys and more.

Check out Iain's show on TalkRADIO, 10pm weeknights.

Thanks to Seamus Murphy-Mitchell for podcast production support and Matt Lamont for convo edit help.

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton


Submitted by: Roboto San   1 year 6 months ago

Iain Lee, I've liked his work for a long time. Shame he's not as high profile as in the past. He did great TV. His views on Lost are correct, I was drawn in to it, compelled to watch the whole lot, it was masterful suspense storytelling, but the ending was not as anticipated and Unfulfilling.
Fringe, however, was satisfying. I recommend you watch it Adam. It's a big investment of time with TV shows, not like a movie. Its a lot of hours to plough through. Fringe was recommended to me, I dipped in to series one and gave up. It was too much like the x files. Every week a different alien parasite monster. But I returned and was glad I did. The alternate universe story line in the later series is fantastic. It was a very under rated show.
I was sad when it ended.
I think it may have been Leonard Nimoy's last acting work.

Submitted by: Matt Brown   2 years 2 months ago

Hi Adam, I stumbled across your podcast recently, I know it's successful but my love of podcasts is a new love.

Anyway I've binged the whole blooming lot and I have taken a lot from them, so thank you (I realise they weren't for me alone).

I wanted to leave a comment here because I found this particular episode the one that had the biggest effect on me. Iain is someone I thought I didn't like. The 11 o'clock Show I remember fondly, but was of a time when I was a different person. My only real experience of a Iain in recent time has been via Twitter and his TalkRadio show. These have lead me to think of Iain as an arse.

This episode has changed that perception and I related to much of what Iain has been thorough and is dealing with. Rob Deleaney's chat with you had much the same effect.

I realise now this isn't very eloquent, but anyway thank you for this podcast it is making me laugh, think and be able to deal with the problems of my life in a more positive way. Cheers.

Submitted by: Leigh McMaster   2 years 5 months ago

I loved how honest Iain was on your podcast, no BS and really put into perspective how fragile people can be when so horribly scrutinized in the public eye!

ps - Please come to Belfast!

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