Adam talks to British broadcaster and BBC6 Music presenter Marc Riley about radio, music and life as a member of legendary indie band: The Fall.

Thanks to Seamus Murphy-Mitchel for production support and Matt Lamont for additional editing.

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton, except for a clip of 'Jumper Clown' by Marc Riley & The Creepers (In-Tape Records, 1983)


Submitted by: Ben   4 years 1 week ago

Hey Adam, I love the podcasts, always cheer me up and have me in hysterics of laughter. This was a particularly fascinating one for me. In regards to people chatting at gigs while the band is playing yes that's so annoying! A similar thing happened when I saw the Brian Jonestown Massacre around ten years ago. I was very excited to see them live. But a guy near us was standing with his back to the stage as the band played the first few songs loudly showing off about all the other times he'd seen them before. All I could think was "Well I haven't seen them before and they're playing now, so Shut up!" Anyway thanks for being the best Adam. I love you BYEEEEEEEEE

Submitted by: david Mounfield   4 years 2 weeks ago

Dear Buxton;
I like your stuff. Always have, always will. These podcasts are tip top; I hope you make some cash out of them you should. Time to get the Merch sorted; maybe some Buxton dolls, t shirts, butt plugs and the like. The only other thing missing I think is a little bit of structure; I love the ramble but I did so enjoy your features when Adam and Joe were still a thing. If podcast guests could be forward announced regular like, you could ask a podcats questions section, thus giving chat node jump off exploration potentialization to involvacize yourself with. I also enjoyed your gift giving segment to Joe in the Christmas special; you could have a regular "gifted and talented" section, where you give your guest three gifts you think they might enjoy, and ask them what talent they would most like to possess that they don't already. Please feel free to use these ideas, exactly and precisely as I have described them. Your slavish adherence will be thanks enough. Hail Eris! David Mounfield

PS check out the Odditorium podcast. I am one of the co-hosts. The idiot one.

Submitted by: Ben   4 years 2 weeks ago

Don't chill out Furious B, these people are animals.

Submitted by: Aneeq Khan   4 years 3 weeks ago

I'm your biggest Pakistani fan.
Probably your only Pakistani fan.
So probably your worse Pakistani fan as well.
Anyways, I've never found another podcast that seems as natural as yours. They really do speed time up. Hope you make tons more.

Submitted by: Richard Smith   4 years 3 weeks ago

p.p.s. Saw you do BUG - David Bowie in Manchester (May). Loved it. Laters, potaters

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