One for Jonnyfans! A few extra bits from Adam's talk with composer and Radiohead man Jonny Greenwood, conducted as they walked around Lyon before the band played a show that night.

Related pics and video at adam-buxton.co.uk

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton


Submitted by: Roscoe   3 years 7 months ago

Hi Adam, Motorway driving is now a pleasure and seems to fly by as I get lost in the podcast as though I'm sitting next to you and your guests. Keep up the fab work!

Submitted by: Darren Stevens   3 years 8 months ago

Hi Dr Buckles, Last summer I found your Adam & Joe dvd in a second hand shop whilst on holiday in the Norfolk Broads, it reminded me about how great you guys were when you were on television. So I decided to have a look to see what you were up to, now I'm hooked on your podcasts and they are so good. Great to hear some real honest conversation without all the showbiz spin being involved. Say hi to Rosie.....Love you Byeeee!

Submitted by: Jonathan Buckley   3 years 9 months ago

Hi Adam,
(My wife is Dr Buckles sorry)
I have just listened to this podcast and was so moved I thought I should leave you a comment - something I often think I should do when I listen to one of the many podcasts I enjoy but somehow never get round to doing.
This was a great episode.
I am not a big fan of Radiohead, I liked them a lot when I was younger but haven't listened to anything they've done since 'OK Computer' but you're chat with Johnny was so engaging it makes me want to seek out their more recent stuff. There was great chemistry it seems - the chat was just like a geezer and his mate.
You have a gift Adam, this podcast made me laugh and think and feel so many times - I had to share my gratitude with you. You displayed once again (as in many previous episodes) your ability to be not just funny but thoughtful and it felt like as you went on, Johnny grew more and more relaxed and you got some good chatter out of him.
Thanks, thanks a lot.

If I might offer some advice/requests? Please keep up the jingles and mixes they are fantastic - though I did prefer the previous mix of 'ramble chat'. Also please keep Rosie on the show and could she have a few more lines please? Keep up the chatter!
As an aspiring 'Podcaster' myself I hold you as an example of how I would like to be.
Please keep up the good work and the self-belief.
(I realise now looking back at this that you have published several more podcasts so some of this is clearly irrelevant)
Well I'm sure you are busy with all your projects so I'll cease my ramblings here.


(Please feel free to post this comment on the blog, keep it secret or send it to digital hell to be burnt forever).

Submitted by: Craig   3 years 10 months ago

Dr Buckles,

I recently met Chris Gethard at Edinburgh fringe, could you please have him on your podcast.


Submitted by: Dan Walsh   3 years 12 months ago

In relation to your comment to Jonny about wishing you could play music on stage, I recently attended a Quantic gig – and doubled my enjoyment of an already very good performance by imagining that it was you up there rocking out on the accordion in a straw hat and hawaiian shirt! See the picture in URL section :)
Loving the podcasts, bug and your lovely description of Hebden Bridge (my home town)!

loveyabyeee x

ps: happy to be public if you deem worthy..

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