In episode 3 of his podcast, Adam Buxton takes you on a journey through a week suffering from a cold via voice note diaries recorded during a recent bout of illness a few days before he was supposed to be doing a handful of live shows in London.

And before that Adam talks about recent developments in his (hitherto non-existent) relationship with one of his musical heroes: Brian Eno

Brian Eno's John Peel Lecture, 2015 (BBC 6 Music)


Adam's blog: adam-buxton.co.uk

Extra music and audio used in this podcast:
'Adam Buxton Podcast Theme’ by Adam Buxton (2014)
Harp Music: 'Il '700 Colto e Galante' by Lucia Bova.
Discreet Music by Brian Eno (1975)
Dialogue: "The arena of the unwell” Paul McGann from 'Withnail & I' (1987, written and directed by Bruce Robinson)
Music clip: ‘Flu Song’ by Adam Buxton (2008)
Sting: ‘Achoo’ by Sparks (1975)
Dialogue: “Practically brain dead already…” Rik Mayall from 'The Young Ones - Sick’ (1984, Written by Ben Elton, Rik Mayall and Lise Mayer)
Feverish music bed: ‘The Pearl’ by Harold Budd & Brian Eno (1987)
Feverish music loop: 'Paranoid Android' by Radiohead (1997)
Feverish music loop: ‘Party Pom Pom’ by Adam Buxton (2011)
Feverish dialogue: "Handsome Tweed" from '7 Years In Tibet’ (1997, directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud)
Feverish dialogue: "Trash Bashket" Sean Connery in ‘The Untouchables’ ( 1987, directed by Brian De Palma)
Feverish dialogue: "Well maybe…” Pierce Brosnan in ‘Taffin’ (1988)
Feverish music clip: ‘Comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd (1979)
Sting: ‘You Be Illin’ by Run DMC (1986)
Sting: ‘Live And Let Live’ by Love (1967)
Sting: ‘Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu’ by Huey Piano Smith (1965)
Music clip: ‘Brand New Day’ by Van Morrison (1970)
Outro Music bed from 'Wario’s Woods' game (Dr Buckles remix. Music composed by Shinobu Amayake, Soyo Oka, 1994)

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Submitted by: Sickie   2 years 11 months ago

Ha, this is funny. I can relate to the hypochondria paranoia.
The interweb is great, however it does prove that there is such as thing as too much information. I've read many online articles about horrific diseases. Every time I get a sniffle, I think it's one of those life threatening viruses or bacterial infections.
One article was about a man who'd inhaled mushroom spores from his compost heap, and got a cough. He was dead in a week. Every throat tickle, I experience mushroom spore anxiety, though I've never been near mushroom mulch. If I get a drop of water on me, and its not raining, I think it's from a buildings faulty air conditioner outlet and filled with legionaries disease. I scrub in the shower as soon as I get home.
I've not had heart attacks, blood clots, sepsis, CJD, meningitis, and a host of other afflictions.
Mouse poo exposure creates the same fear in me, I can thank Bill Bryson for that one. His damn Walk in the woods book.
I used to get Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. For years until I was in my twenties, I would sometimes get the feeling that my teeth and lips were huge, like boulders and car tires. I would sometimes feel like I was 15 feet tall, the world had shrunk. It wasn't until the interweb enlightened me on this, that I realised I was not alone in this weird phenomenon.
I had thought I was the one odd kid who got this. Never spoke of it.

Submitted by: Samantha   3 years 7 months ago

Ok I'm a big late in the game here....had never heard the first few podcasts so driving to work this week I selected the cold safari, I never comment on stuff but this had me laughing so much I almost wet myself, other cars next to me in traffic must have thought I was suffering some kind of mental breakdown.

Submitted by: Paul L   4 years 7 months ago

I Loved this episode. I just listened to your interview with Scroobius Pip and wanted to stand up for it since you said it was one of the less popular episodes. You're observations were brilliant and hilarious and I'd love to hear similar episodes.

Submitted by: Cerry Smythe   4 years 8 months ago

Adam, I want to breathe germs all over you! Not because I didn't enjoy this podcast. Au contraire! Rather, it's because I enjoyed it very much. You see, I want you to get another virus, fall sick and podcast it.
I also like Jon Ronson, and it would be marvellous if you could give him a cold sometime, and then record his response to it. Jon is something of a hypochondriac, or at least generally sensitive, and might overreact in an amusing way. Perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio will star in the subsequent blockbuster Hollywood film about his cold.
I also like Lianne La Havas, but I feel that it would be irresponsible to give her a cold as it may affect her lovely voice adversely. Although ... it could give it that appealing throaty quality some singers have. It's a tough call - basically just trust your judgement about whether or not to sneeze over her.

As regards Louis Theroux, he always seems to have a cold anyway, or at least the sniffles.

Submitted by: Matt H   4 years 8 months ago

Hi Adam, I really loved the night aural hallucinations bit. The mixture of woozy ambient music/movie snippets were fascinating to listen to. You should do more of that - it sounded very "Jam" like - which should be taken as no higher compliment.

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