Adam talks to Irish drag artist and gay rights campaigner Rory O’Neill (aka Panti Bliss) about growing up gay in 1970s Ireland, escaping to Tokyo, the practical challenges of life with HIV and how a TV chat show appearance caused a media storm with some historic consequences!

For links to Panti’s speech at the Abbey Theatre and Jaco Pastorius bits, visit adam-buxton.co.uk

Thanks to Seamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support.

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton


Submitted by: Painty finger   1 year 6 months ago

by the way, I probably should have used the term HIV in relation to the virus, I know Aids is the disease that develops from having the HIV virus.
That big stone slab carved with the word aids is imprinted on me forevermore. It was an effectively scary 1980s infomercial.

Submitted by: Painty finger   1 year 6 months ago

It's ironic that Adam Buxton, who is known for comedy, records an interview like this where the subject of child abusing priests and Aids is discussed. Shows how many layers Adam has. Nice one.
I remember when, from out of nowhere, Aids arrived and was the incurable death plague of the modern world. The merest mention was terrifying.
Of all the developments in science,it's the progress in aids treatment that is maybe the most astonishing.
It doesn't seem long ago that aids was about the worst thing a person could contract. Even with the progress of treatment developing to a huge cocktail of drugs with side effects. I thought that was it, viruses are hard to combat. But to hear first hand how a single pill a day can stop the virus in it's tracks is nothing short of miraculous. I'm in awe of the people who developed that treatment.
If only cancer would become this treatable.

Submitted by: Kaspa   2 years 1 month ago

Great interview, Adam, hope lots of people listen to it.

Submitted by: Dan Travis   2 years 1 month ago

Hi Adam, just dropping you a line to say how much I'm enjoying your Podcast, I'm new to podcasts in general and yours was the first I tried, love it! Though as a newbie, I haven't quite found out how to not look like a grinning lunatic or laughing out loud when on the bus to work......also, big thanks for the ramblechat jingle earworm! Anyhoo...that was all really, keep up the good work fella! More please! Love you.....bye! Dan (regards from chilly Edinburgh)

Submitted by: Pete   2 years 1 month ago

Great episode - thanks Adam! Rory's story was new to me. A very enlightening and warm conversation.

The recent Louis episode was hilarious. I saw a whole new side to him during the singing bit. 'Yes Sir I Can Boogie' had me in stitches - I must've played that bit back 3 or 4 times! :)

I love Hejira but have never heard of Jaco Pastorius. Just added a bunch of his stuff and looking forward to exploring it. The song 'Come On, Come Over' is funktastic. I also got into the Todd Barry podcast on your recommendation from an earlier episode with Jon Ronson.

Thanks for all that you do. Big fan

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