Adam talks to British actor, writer and comedian Steve Coogan about films, music, phone hacking, Partridge and more! Thanks to Seamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support and Matt Lamont for additional editing. Podcast artwork by Helen Green.


Submitted by: Sue Yates   1 year 8 months ago

Heyyyyy! You're back..and nobody told me...there are 4 whole episodes to listen to.....yay! And now you're on the telly too...i thought i'd put it on in the vague chance something not too shit might be on...and there you are! Hooray! Great to have the podcast back, for reals. Love you, byyyeeeeeeee. x

Submitted by: FLYGUY   1 year 8 months ago

Yay! You're back.
Man I missed your show. Really helped me through a small but tough time. Another great show and new jingles!
Good, solid interview as usual.

I'd love one day if you interviewed YOU and we get a breakdown of some of your insights, especially one just related to your jingles and songs which I bloody love. Sushi I must play almost every other day, I'd buy remixes it's such a belter of a tune.

Award well deserved, LOVE your show and everything you do, you're an inspiration sir.
p.s I would get such respect from my wife ('My wife!') if you liked a tweet or something trivial of mine. (@FLYGUY) Think of it as digital version of me asking for your photo or signature.

I love you, BYEEEE!

Submitted by: Quartermaster 1   1 year 8 months ago

Hi Adam, I am a Quartermaster.

I would like to know what comes after "smile and a thumbs up" in "like and subscribe". Something about a bums up?

I like to sing your jingles but get stuck on this one.

Love you, bye!

Submitted by: Samantha Smith   1 year 8 months ago

Thanks Adam Buxton for making me seem like a really happy and positive person! I wonder around to work and around work and to the gym and at the shops etc listening to your podcasts ( I'm a late comer) and they always make me smile from ear to ear making me look super content and maybe even confident! It's like I've had really cheap therapy and a quick make over, until I have to take out my earphones. Good work, keep it up! ( virtual pat on the back in a condescending but jokey way cos I mean it) :-)

Submitted by: Stuart R   1 year 8 months ago

Welcome back! It's been too long since I've sung along with the theme tune on my way to work - in the car of course, I'm not crazy!

Well done on the award. Had I been aware I would have voted, but wasn't so I didn't. Looking forward to more award winning podcasts!

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