The first of two rambly conversations with artist, musician, producer and polymath, Brian Eno.

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton.

Thanks to Seamus Murphy Mitchell for production support, Matt Lamont for convo editing and to Acast for hosting this podcast. Download their app and check out their many other excellent shows.


Submitted by: Ben   2 years 2 months ago

Hi Adam. I'm a long time listener, first time commenter. Having just listened to that Gavin Bryas song again, I felt compelled to say thank you for the work you put into making such entertaining, funny and interesting podcasts. That's all really - thank you and I hope you keep up the brilliant work

Submitted by: Roberto Silvestro   2 years 2 months ago

Loved this podcast Adam, I'm only 18 and was introduced to Brian Eno through the film Me and Earl and the Dying Girl where he is prominent on the soundtrack (a good film by btw!). Listening to your conversation was inspiring and makes me want to explore his discography more fervently so thank you for that! God bless x

Submitted by: Gem   2 years 2 months ago

Only just found your pods and am a straight off the bat quartermaster! Loved the Eno rambles, found the concept of sports and regression to the mean over time fascinating, as well as all the rest of it. Great interview. Happened to be driving home from Norwich too at the time of listening... Spooky!

Submitted by: Ethan   2 years 3 months ago

Possibly the best Brian Eno interview I've ever heard Dr Buckles (and I've listened to a lot of them). So much better to ramble around various subjects and come across little random snippets of interest when regular interviews seem to just rehash all of Eno's famous collaborations (and which he obviously hates talking about endlessly).

P.S. have you ever considered starting a Patreon account rather than having to have advertising? I for one would be happy to pay £1/£2 per podcast to not have adverts, and would you not have enough other loyal fans willing to do the same, that would pay you as much as adverts? Check out how well Amanda Palmer has done through funding herself through Patreon – I reckon you have fans of the same loyal type! Advertising is so annoying and depressing...

P.P.S. to other loyal fans – if you like the idea of supporting a Patreon rather than adverts, let Adam know!

Submitted by: Will   2 years 3 months ago

Can anyone help ID the tune that comes in after the trainspotting chat around 33 minutes on part 2? Is it one of Adam's own jingles? Love it.

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