Adam Buxton talks to Jon Ronson (author of 'So You've Been Publicly Shamed', 'The Psychopath Test', 'The Men Who Stare At Goats' etc. about dealing with criticism, Woody Allen, neuroses, podcasts and the reaction to his latest book. At the end of the podcast Adam also unveils his brand new song about James Bond, which may or may not be considered unnecessary overkill...


Submitted by: Michael Eldridge   3 years 6 days ago

Hi Adam Buxton,

This seems to be the best way to send you something longer than 140 characters that you'll probably read. I commented on the Jon Ronson one, despite having listened to it a while ago, because this podcast introduced me to his amazing writing and he's become a kind of inspiration for me as a writer. Since I started listening to your podcast a month or so ago, which entered my world thanks to Louis Theroux, I have

Every Jon Ronson book
Paul Theroux's Great Railway Bazaar

Some Adam Curtis films
The Monty Python films
Garth Jennings's Sing
Some Alan Partridge stuff

listened to-and loved:
Bowie (who I'd never given a second thought before)
Lou Reed's Transformer
Marc Maron's podcast
Scroobius Pip's podcast
Richard Herring's podcast.

As you often say, sharing things you enjoy with people who may like them too is great so I wanted to write to say thank you for that. Also, to recommend some stuff that I really love:

Jamie T's Magnolia Melancholia EP (everything else Jamie T is also great)
James Blake's The Colour in Anything
People Just Do Nothing
The Pervert's Guide to Ideology.

I've now listened to all of your podcasts, recommended them to anyone who'll listen and attempted a pale imitation of my own in a weird/lame kind of homage. So thanks for doing them.


Submitted by: Sue Yates   3 years 8 months ago

Hey Adam B
In the absence of a new podcast so far this week I'm listening back over remains of older ones. ...right now in my ears. So I thought I'd do another comment right away regarding your reading out of the comment and any anxieties which might have arisen from that comment. I reckon he was just joking all the way through it...he's clearly a fan of you and all your work so I guess he was just being flippant. We are just glad to hear you...and a bit of sweariness is quite funny in my ears.
Also, you mentioned not winning stuff because you are marginal. Well I think your demographic, all of us who love you and your work are fans of the marginal. So I hope you don't worry about not being top of the toppermost.
Anyway, I'm supposed to be working...

Submitted by: Ben Kelly   3 years 9 months ago

Oh dear, massive fail ^^^!!! I hope this doesn't turn into a horrific set of one way messages spiralling downwards with ever increasing awkwardness and desperation like the scene in Swingers! Keep up the excellent podcasting Adam. I've become hooked onto the medium and now checking out RHLSTP, Distraction Pieces and WTF.

Submitted by: Ben Kelly   3 years 9 months ago

Dear Dr Buckles, I posted a comment here a week or so ago after I had heard the Jon Ronson episode. It's been deleted/moderated? What happened? I can't quite remember all that I wrote but I don't think any of it was offensive? There were a couple of links, but they were genuine.

Submitted by: Becks   4 years 7 months ago

I also now have Jon's books on my list and I'll investigate the podcasts you talked about. I listen to You made it weird with Pete Holmes which are great long chats, sometimes deep, sometimes funny even though I never know who the guests are. Also Graham Norton, Scummy Mummies and The Film Vault. I've tried others but none have really stuck. Your voice is really enjoyable to listen to :)

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