Adam talks to Zadie Smith (author of White Teeth, NW and Swing Time) about life in New York city, rudeness, John Lennon, David Foster Wallace, mother and daughters and other important waffle topics.

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton.

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Submitted by: Bradley Temperley   1 year 10 months ago

I listen to all podcasts at 1.5x speed to fit as many in to my brief commuting journeys. While my iSmartphone handles the pitch and cadence of the voices, but the songs sound mental.

So could you please re-record your jingles at 0.66x so that they sound normal?

Even if you don't slow down your jingles, your podcast is still great.

Even at normal speed I misheard the "Like and Subscribe" jingle as "Nice sycophant when my bum's up", so I am very glad you cleared that up for me. Your lyric is better.

Submitted by: Natalie   1 year 11 months ago

Your reaction to people's absent minded smiles is why I adore listening to you. Thanks for another lovely pod.

Submitted by: Manu   1 year 11 months ago

Great podcast and interview Dr B! And, yes, that bandana put me off DFW too. Reminds me to return to some of those essays, and I've finally been convinced that I must read some more Zadie - she sounds like a good egg.

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