Adam talks to British journalist and documentary maker Adam Curtis, whose films include The Power Of Nightmares, The Century Of The Self, Bitter Lake and HyperNormalisation.

Thanks to Nicky Waltham and her editor friend Doug Bryson for helping me put this episode together along with my regular production support pal Seamus Murphy Mitchel.

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Music and jingles by Adam Buxton


Submitted by: Stewart Birch   3 years 1 month ago

I think this is in my top 3 for sure, really fascinating and I'd happily hear more.

Many, many thanks

Submitted by: P. Woodhills   3 years 1 month ago

Man alive, I love Adam Curtis - Thank you Buckles!

Submitted by: David Sunderland   3 years 1 month ago

I really enjoyed this episode. Curtis has some fascinating ideas, which, though I don’t agree with all of them, I found very interesting.
By the by, re. Death. I’m a few steps nearer the grave than you and have found my approaching non-existence quite positive. Ambition has finally dissipated and I now only do things that I enjoy, or, at least, do not give me pain.
Re. Larkin. I prefer ‘The Winter Palace’ to ‘The Old Fools’, which you quoted in an earlier podcast. It’s a far more benign depiction of old age and its final line is brilliant - ‘My mind will fold into itself, like fields, like snow’.

Submitted by: Rory   3 years 1 month ago

Great podcast as always.

Just finished listening to the Mark Colvin interview, thanks so much for pointing it out.

Submitted by: Iain L   3 years 1 month ago

Really very interesting chap. Excellent choice of guest.

On another note... ever thought about a ramblechat with Matt Holness?

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