Adam Buxton talks to Rob Brydon (host of BBC1's 'Would I Lie To You?' and star of 'Human Remains', 'Marion and Geoff' and 'The Trip') about voice overs, Paul McCartney and 'The Trip' amongst other things.


Submitted by: Jim Astbury   3 years 8 months ago

Dear Dr. Buckles,

I love your podcast. I am an audio-hoarder with 293 days' worth of un-listened podcasts on my computer. None of them have struck a chord with me in the same manner as yours. I first saw you do your thing on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown, which my lovely wife and I watch on the YouTubes (we are Americans so we don't get the Beebs).

This Rob Brydon episode was great to hear because we also watch WILTY.

Things I love about your podcast:
-You are the master of jingles. By the 3rd episode I had memorized and could not get out of my head the infectious theme song. I make up jingles and songs all day, so...
-You seem genuine and fun to be with
-Your guests like you
-Your podcast breaks and funny bits are fab

Things I don't like about your podcast:
-Nothing to show here

Thank you for putting it out there, man!

Submitted by: Issi   4 years 8 months ago

Dear Dr Buckles, I am really enjoying your new pods! Batty weft made me snort in an embarrassing manner at work. Please keep doing what you're doing. Issi xxx

Submitted by: Nicola   4 years 8 months ago

Oh my this is my absolute favourite podcast.... I'll be honest I knew nothing of your radio work before this and, perhaps surprisingly, it was the beard that lured me in but I'm so glad it did.... Hilarious every week, don't listen to what the critics say, I say your great.

Submitted by: Simon   4 years 8 months ago

Really enjoyed listening to you and Garth this morning on my train into boring old work. Made me want to go back and watch all the toy stories, and watch Son of Rambow again AND check out the Deadly Seven. You should write a kids's book....Doctor Buckles and the beard of cheese - or something like that. BUT - at the end of the Garth one you were sounding a little like these podcasts are getting a bit harder to do and it almost sounded like you might pause a bit? To that I say NO NO NONONNOONONONONONONONONON NO NO NO NONO NO!
I'd offer to help if knew how to, but I work in rubbish old telly at the big castle - not the sexy exciting world of pod.

Submitted by: Chris   4 years 8 months ago

I am really enjoying your new podcast - it's grrrrreat!

I wanted to send you an email to compliment you on next week's podcast (Garth Jennings), and recount some personal stories that it reminded me of, No go as no email address on your site.

Since the stories were longer than a twitter and I no longer have the handwriting skills to write a physical letter, I have no choice other than to keep these thoughts to myself.

Fully understandable, what with all the spams, bots, algorithms and coolhunters out there that I'm sure you are battling daily, not to mention the weather.

stay strong, bye, love you!

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