Adam talks to director Paul Thomas Anderson (There Will Be Blood, Punch Drunk Love, Boogie Nights) about Phantom Thread, Radiohead, Daniel Day Lewis, fatherhood, UK TV comedy and other vitally important business.

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Thanks to Seamus Murphy Mitchell for production support and Matt Lamont for additional editing. Music & jingles by Adam Buxton


Submitted by: Duncan   1 year 10 months ago

Great episode, can anyone point me in the direction of that Radiohead short film PTA brings up?

Submitted by: Aidan   1 year 11 months ago

On the subject of wearing dead people's clothes, New Zealand band "The Chills" had a song "I love my leather jacket" about the leather jacket former band member Martin Bull left to singer/songwriter Martin Phillips after Bull died of cancer at a young age.


Submitted by: Jason   1 year 11 months ago

Really enjoyed this one, but it’s funny how such a relaxed guy produces such dark and miserable films. I will be risking the new one when it gets to rental, just to enjoy the “DD Lewis humour”. I have Ace Ventura on my Netflix list and all the Paul Blart Mall Cops naturally! But what was that movie you mentioned toward the end?
Keep up the great work

Submitted by: Ryan   2 years 2 days ago

Good guests most of the time, actually all but 2 for me so TOP PERCENTAGE. Basically when a new Adam Buxton podcast pops up in my feed it makes me feel great. A burst and rush of feelgood happiness from kick off then bang into the theme tune. From listening to the show I just think Adams is a nice guy and in a world of Mike Boudet, Piers Morgan and the DUP I really look forward to brightening up my day with this positive podcast. Its not all rainbows, baby monkeys and skipping lambs, its a show that hits at all types of different levels and Adams fragility is what makes it REAL, REAL fuck'n good. RocknRoll auld hand. Thanks for spreading the happy butter on my gluten free, non gm, delivered by a milk maid slice of life.

Submitted by: Total Carp   2 years 5 days ago


It's all new and bright and greatly reduced use of pink!
And some new pods to squeeze into my ears- Hurrah!

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