Adam talks with Irish actor, stand-up comedian and writer Aisling Bea about getting soaked in exotic locations, the time things got weird when they both refused to wear free shoes at a comedy gig, the influences that paved the path to Aisling’s career in stand up, weird on-set behaviour, confrontations and the value of difficult conversations. Aisling also talks about the article she wrote last year for The Guardian in which she described losing her father when she was very young and how she dealt with learning the truth about his death years later.

Thanks to Seamus Murphy Mitchell for production support and Jack Bushell for additional editing.

Music & jingles by Adam Buxton


Submitted by: Kathryn   1 year 6 months ago

Dear Dr Buckles,

Thank you for this interview. It is wonderful. Aisling Bea has such a beautiful spirit.

Submitted by: Christopher Davis   1 year 6 months ago

i would give my special left nipple for a date with this magic lady

Submitted by: Cap'n Bob   1 year 11 months ago

Dear Dr. B,
Another cracking interview, thank you. You might have warned us (more strongly) about the absolute possibility of having one's waterworks turned on (not toilet parts). Looked like I was having some kind of breakdown on the morning train; laughing one minute, in tears the next. I do prefer to do my breaking down at home.

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