Adam talks with British actor, writer, character comedian and improvisor Cariad Lloyd (Austentatious, Murder In Successville, Drunk History etc.) about birth, middle age, funny accents, growing up in a ‘cult’ and why talking about death on a podcast is more fun than it sounds.

Hello, Adam Buxton here. My conversation with Cariad was recorded in February 2017. Why the delay putting it out Buckles? Well, long term podcats will know that some of the conversations I record take a long time to emerge because of the slightly ad hoc way me, Seamus and my occasional edit helpers go about getting each episode ready and figuring out where they should sit in the running order. We’re trying to get more organised but from time to time guests do experience significant delays. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

When we recorded our conversation Cariad and I were both at pivotal moments in our lives. Cariad had just had a baby but her happiness at the new arrival was mixed with sadness that her father, who died suddenly when she was just 15, was not around to see his grandchild. We spoke about that and had a fun chat about mortality in general. As for me, I had just attended the NME Awards which made me feel very old for various reasons. Regular listeners will have heard me moaning about this before and Cariad was not spared…

Thanks to Seamus Murphy Mitchell for production support and Jack Bushell for additional editing.

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Submitted by: Jason   2 years 3 weeks ago

Fabulous interview, Cariad seems particularly lovely. Love all your podcasts, keep up the good work. How about digging Chris Morris out, haven't heard or seen him for a long while

Submitted by: Caroline Trainor   2 years 1 month ago

I love the music at (just over) 35 minutes. I can imagine it at a beach bar at sunset. Not what I expected to hear and wish I could buy it as an entire song.

Submitted by: Brian O'flynn   2 years 2 months ago

I listened to this at least 3 times, kept nodding off because of a new baby . The Est stuff was very interesting. I am a big fan of your podcast buckles . "Like and subscribe " I woke up to that jingle recently. Don't take offence that I fell asleep. Keep up the good work

Submitted by: Rob   2 years 2 months ago

Adam, your the best, love your wit, work and kindness. Thank you for this podcast especially. Lost my ma 5 years ago to cancer. Was very sudden and quick. My grandmother died earlier that year also. Have a beautiful 10 month old daughter now so Cariads story really resonates with me. Will check out Cariads Grief Cast. Big Love, Rob

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